I'm a 29 year old chick living in the South. I'm married to Kim - happily married most of the time. Our daughter is 8-year-old Bailyn. I work in the I.S. Department of a nearby hospital. Oh, and I'm a pagan living in the Bible Belt.

I love reading, cuddling with Kim and Bailyn, working with computers, playing The Sims 2, and waiting anxiously for the release of Sims 3. Photobucket

2011-06-18 - 7:22 a.m.
New Blog

OK, I'm back to blogging. I can't believe I've gone two years without documenting anything! I may not post every day, but I WILL post frequently. It'll be anything from blabbering about the funny thing Bai did today to yammering about the awesome book I'm reading. Save it as a favorite, will ya?

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